You Can Help!


The lifeblood of any community driven endeavor comes from not only it's membership and volunteers, but by contributions from the community. As a non-profit organization, a good deal of our monetary intake goes into securing rights for shows, building sets, making costumes, and keeping the lights on. But not all costs for upkeep are covered, and we sometimes need help from the community.


That's where you come in!


We are always willing and thankful of any donations we receive. As we are on the path to constantly improve our facilities, and bring you a better theatre going experience, every donation helps, no matter the size! You can be the reason why a certain prop was able to be purchased for a show! Or for why a set was built! Or even up to why we are able to continue to bring you excellent shows in a new facility!


Let us help give back to the community by donating today!

The Very Little Theatre
2350 Hilyard Street  •  Eugene, Oregon  97405

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